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Parnis Power Reserve

Parnis Power Reserve Watch

Parnis is a Chinese watch makers. Its watches are cheap and really pleasant, and we will take the 45mm automatic power reserve watch as an example.

Looking at this model of Parnis watch, it may make you recall some IWC watches? Yeah, it's a great IWC homage, I really adore the look of it, and another important point is that the price is so cheerful.

Overall appearance is classic and dressy, along with a high quality genuine leather strap, very charming and attractive.

Face is highly wear resistant mineral crystal, a subdial at 10 o'clock for displaying current date, and 2o'clock, can be seen a dial for power reserve which are both fairly precise.

Using transparent case back, so the motion of movement can be clear seen. Movement is the soul of a watch, which is also integrated the ingenious and elaborately workmanship of watchmakers. Therefore, if wearer could appreciate its motion, it just so wonderful. Inside the watch is a Seagull movement, which can keep good time, really a decent time keeper.

At 6o'clock, there is an opening window makes you see the balance wheel. A small blue second hand is on top of it.

Case measures 45mm in diameter, 14mm thick, quite chunky. Through the crown, this watch is easy to set, while pull the crown a click out, the second hand is halted. On left side of the watch, at 8 o'clock, a small push button can be pressed to advance the date.

All in all, this Parnis automatic power reserve watch is excellent, and could keep good time. Anyone who chooses this watch won't be regret.

Parnis - Part of Your Wrist

Parnis is a watch brand of Hongkong whose watches imitate the look of some other luxury watches. It mainly uses the movement of Sea gull so that it has accurate time as the other well-known watch brands. This brand has various styles, fine workmanship, beautiful looks and inexpensive price which is suitable for most civilians who are fans of luxury watches but couldn't afford such a high price.

You can own such a beautiful watch in such a low price because Parnis is established for the publics, it uses common materials in cases and straps for cutting some cost. If you want to own a fine and affordable watch, Parnis is your best choice. In addition, if you prefer a big case watch, Parnis watch should confirm to your acqirement for the diameter of its cases are rang from 40mm to 55mm that the time could be seen clearly. And it has many kinds of straps that you can permute your strap optionally as you like and the price also cheap.

As its lower cost, different from the luxury watches that only have certain colors dial, a type of Parnis has different colors dial for choosing, like yellow, red, blue that can satisfy your unique personal persuit. Moreover, Parnis watch case has three shapes, the round one seems simple and graceful, and the round shape will never be out of date; the square one seems special and its clear corner angles give it a more unique charm; the last shape is cushion which mixed the soft line of the round shape and the clear corner angles of the square shape together perfectly, this special shape make it has a feature of modern art as well as a feature of traditional classic, and it seems casual while collocated a leather or a rubber strap that more suitable for wearing when dating with your girl friend or sporting.